Kumite Ryu Jujitsu


 Kumite Ryu Jujitsu literally means “Sparring Style,” is more often called “the School of Survival”. It is a style of jujitsu characterized by fierce fighting, grappling and self-defense. The Kumite Ryu Jujitsu School of Survival was founded in Harlem, NYC, by Soke Lil' John Davis.

 Soke Lil' John Davis is the founder of Kumite Ryu Jujitsu, in which he is a 10th Dan. He is also a 10th Dan in Sanuces Ryu, which he studied directly under the late Doctor Moses Powell. He also has extensive experience in Judo, Aikido, Karate, and Arnis. Soke has over 50 years of martial arts training and is a member of the Martial arts Hall of Fame. He is one of the most feared competitors on the east coast. Soke is a Technical Advisor and member of the Board of Directors of the World Martial Arts Center. Soke has been an outstanding technician and is the creator of unsurpassed martial arts training of tactical techniques. He is on the cutting edge of realistic and applicable-tested and proven-self-defense skills. Though hard work and dedication, Soke has more than proven his commitment to providing superior martial arts training and has dedicated much of his life to teaching anyone who is willing to learn. 

 Kumite Ryu Jujitsu is a descended from the eclectic jujitsu lineage of Vee Jitsu and Sanucus Ryu Jujitsu. It contains the "Te" forms and broad range of integrated techniques found in Vee Jitsu, as well as the simplicity and survival mentality of Sanuces Ryu. Hence the combative trilogy of this style is known as VSK.

Kumite Ryu Jujitsu makes use of both "hard" and "soft" techniques. Its movements flow smoothly, combining power, simplicity, and grace. The system is characterized by its practical applicability to the street through a systematic approach to blocks, strikes, holds, grapples, locks, throws, falls, and kicks, and by its "follow-through" style.