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Kumite Ryu Jujitsu 

School of Survival Training Programs 

In the beginning, all things are possible.  We prepare ourselves to start anew.  There is a magnificent journey ahead, and all things are contained in this moment, our optimism, faith, resolution and innocence.

In order to start, we must make a decision.  The decision is a commitment to daily self-cultivation, a strong connection to our inner selves.  Once this commitment, compounded by determination and enhanced with discipline, are combined, all things are possible.

At the Kumite Ryu Jujitsu-School of Survival, we travel on the path of achieving excellence, via physical, mental and spiritual fitness.  Start your experience with us today!


Our trial class gives you the opportunity to experience our unique training program first hand.

For only $20 - Uniform included
This program is for individuals who have not tried a class before. 


Our 30-day trail gives you an extended opportunity to experience our unique training program first hand.  You may choose to start at any time.  Please see our class schedule for days and times.  Please arrive up to 20 minutes before class starts to allow for a tour and introduction.

For only $100 - Uniform included


We are committed to providing a superior martial arts training.  This program provide you with great benefits.
30 days of Unlimited Jujitsu classes

Free Kumite Ryu Jujitsu Student's Handbook
2 Guest Passes 

For only $125- Uniform included